Master Thesis

Master Thesis

Abschlussjahrgang 2020

Boaz Ariho: Financial sustainability of Church diaconic institutions in a competitive social service market: An empirical study of management systems in schools under Anglican Church of Rwanda-Kigeme Diocese using the St. Gallen Management Model.

Annika Huneke: Diversity in the migration society: A critical analysis of structures, concepts and practices for the development of strategies towards inclusive protestant youth work in EKvW.

Hotmaia Malau: Empowerment towards inclusive communities for persons with disabilities: Cultural contexts and diaconic strategies for Community-based-Rehabilitation (RBM) program of GKPS in Indonesia.

Bonganjalo Mbenenge: Community, Inclusivity, Participation: Ubuntu Economics in contrast to Neo-Liberalism in South Africa.

Michalski, Mirjam: Herausforderungen und Chancen religiöser Vielfalt. Theoretische Analyse und strategische Ansätze religiösen Diversity Managements am Beispiel der Diakonie Wuppertal

Amani Nteboya: Corporate governance in Faith Based Organizations (FBO): A case of North Western Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

Anna Nyumba: Sustainability of elderly life in the midst of social-economic changes: A management-based assessment of old-age care in Kisarawe district in Tanzania.

Priscilla Geizi Pascua Quezon: Church-based reintegration service for returning Filipino migrants: An exploration of possibilities, conflicts and cooperations.

Nicky Widyaningrum: Justice for LGBT: An empirical analysis of the role of GKJW in advocacy for inclusive community.

Abschlussjahrgang 2018

Ampony, Godwin Gladson Delase: REMUNERATION AND WELFARE SYSTEM FOR CHURCH AGENTS: CONTEXT ANALYSIS AND STRATEGIES: The Case of Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana (EPCG)


Ekoume Ngangue, Adolphe Parfait Mathieu: Prophetic Diaconia against Corruption: Contextual Analysis and Strategic Plan for Evangelical Church of Cameroon

Lugayana, Jackson: Advocacy for Children’s Right: Contextual Analysis, Transformative Diaconia and Strategies for Empowerment in the North Western Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania

Mrema, Javason: Mentally Challenged Children: Tanzania Context Analysis, Caring Communities and Sustainable Diaconic Strategies in the ELCT Northern Diocese

Mwakapeje, Faraja Samwel: Empowering Street Children Sustainably: A Context Analysis and Management of Transformative Diaconia in the ELCT Eastern Coast Diocese Tanzania

Ntarindwa, Viateur: Unemployment of women and Girls in Rwanda – Transformative diaconic strategies for the Anglican Church of Rwanda

Perera, Asiri: Youth and peace building in the Methodist church in Sri Lanka:
-Biblical Orientation and Strategies concepts development for Interreligious Dialogue-

Purba, Aman Saud Parulian: Empowering Simalungun Coffee Farmers for Competitives in Global Markets – Socio-economic Supply Chain Analysis and Diaconic Strategies for GKPS Church in Indonesia

Sihite, David: Many a little makes a mickels. “A Normative Analysis of Leadership in Intercultural Narratives and Philiarchy as Contemporary Leadership Style”

Solis-Aguilar, Juliet: The Role of UCCP Leadership in the Peace Building Process in the Philippines: Situation Analysis, Normative Leadership and Strategies

Tarigan, Yusuf: THE POWER OF MONEY. Alteration of Life Purpose, Good Governance and Financial Management for Community Organization in the Context of Ate Keleng Foundation of GBKP/Indonesia

Williams, Claudette: Transformative Diakonia after Apartheid: ocial political context, Historical Developments and Effective Management in the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa

Xie, Xiaoxuan: Who should lead this internet era? Media competence Building for public diaconic leadership in the context of Amity Foundation

Abschlussjahrgang 2015

Gultom, Rein Justin: Response to Growing Socio Economic Inequality within the Congregation – Strategic Plan for Expanding the Cooperative Credit Program of HKBP, Indonesia

Handel, Brian: Gang violence in Bishop Lavis community – A Stakeholder approach to the Missional Ministries of the Uniting Reformed Church Cape Synod in Southern Africa

Kibanga, Joyce Sosthenes: From Charity to Empowerment – Transforming Congregational-Based Diaconia for Addressing the Needs of Poor People in NED-ELCT, Tanzania

Ngnintedem, Félicité: Transformative Diaconia: Consciousness Awareness, Empowerment and Advocacy in response to growing economic inequalities in the Evangelical Church of Cameroon

Purba, Jenny Rossy: Social Effects of Proliferation of Palm Oil Trees in Indonesia – Context Analysis and Advocacy Strategies for GKPS/ Indonesia

Rugimbana, Jeremiah Mukurasi: Micro-Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training Schools in the Karagwe Diocese of ELCT/Tanzania – Responsibilities and concept development for Employabilities

Simorangkir, Ramayanti: Church-based Trauma Healing Centers in North Sumatera, Indonesia – Context Analysis and and Diaconic Development Strategies

Sivanayagam, Sujithar: Human Rights Promotion in Trincomalee Methodist Church/Sri Lanka – Context Analysis and Advocacy Development Strategies

Suparni Soebroto, Deborah: Corporate Governance for Organisational Stability – A Case Study for SION FOUNDATION /Indonesia

Umuraza, Mathilde: The Presbyterian Church of Rwanda (EPR) and Persons with Disabilities – Context Analysis, Structures and Strategies to Develop an Inclusive Church

Van Wyk, Janine: Child Poverty in Namibia: Contexts, Structures and Stratey for ELCRN in Expanding Financial Support

Abschlussjahrgang 2013

Francis Yao Amalgo: Business Activities, Corporate Social Responsibility and African Ethics. Socio-economic Contexts, Moral Attitudes and Advocacy Diaconia of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Ghana

Nofia Hudaya: Interreligious Dimensions of Diaconia. Theological Fundaments and Forms of Muslim-Christian Cooperation in Indonesia

Peter Imponge: Financial Management of Congregations. Financial Behaviour, Control Mechanisms and Transparency Criteria in the CADELU  Church / D.R.C.

Fred Wong Lap Kay: Diaconia for the Elderly in the Chinese Rhenish Church Hong Kong Synod. Context of Diaconia, Theological Challenges and Strategic Response of the Church

Wilbroad Mastai: Diaconia in Metropolitan Areas. Public Theology and Management of Community Services in the Eastern Coastal Diocese (ECD-ELCT), Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Lydia Mulokozi: Psychosocial Support for Youth in Mourning and Grieving. Normative Fundaments, Forms of Support and Strategic Support Development in the North Western Diocese of Evangelical Lutheran Church (NWD-ELCT)/ Tanzania

Arulnathan Nadarajah: Prophetic Diaconia for Reconciliation in Contemporary Sri Lanka. A Study of Diaconic Theology, Normative and Strategic Management within the Methodist Church

Hazel Lilian Corro-Navarra: Economic Performance and Social Mission. An Evaluation on the Relation of Economic Performance and Educational Ministry of Brokenshire College, Philippines as Social Enterprise

Agustinus Purba: Poverty Eradication and Community Empowerment. Diaconia, Leadership and Participation in the Context of GBKP/ Indonesia

Tioria Sihombing: Corporate Social Responsibility and Batak Values. Good Governance, Business Ethics and Advocacy of the Huria Kristen Batak Protestant Church (HKBP)/ Indonesia